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if you find from your own experience that something is a fact and it contradicts what some authority has written down, then you must abandon the authority and base your reasonings on your own findings. 1

shopping mall, we went to like four different places. One was stuff that glow in the dark. They even had glow-in the-dark bras and underwear! We saw dolls and other cool and cute stuff. It was very fun. Then, for lunch, we went to a place called Johnny Rockets I think, and I had finger chickens. We went to see Galaxy Quest. While we were going, Nicole, Alex, and I were sitting in the back, listening to the songs and dancing. I think we shook the whole car! We went and got candies for the movies, but Esther didn't. Tomorrow I'm going to Outdoor Ed. 50% of me doesn't want to go, but the other 50% is excited to go. A lot of things have gone out and came in my life. First, my grandparents went to Korea. I wish they would come home soon. And safely. It's NOT because of all the things they will bring me. And secondly, I miss my sister, who is in Washington D.C. right now. Dad's friend and his wife, 9 and 4 year old sons, the younger of which is too smart for his age. They've been staying here for 3 days. They'll be leaving today. At school, it was open house yesterday. Today, we're watching a movie (I forgot what it's called) and eating pizza (we have to bring our own beverages). I feel like crying (and I did a little bit), because everyone that I like, doesn't seem to like ME as much as I like them--except Dad. I also want to go shopping. I'm excited to go to school tomorrow for the bookfair. I like to buy books and stuff. I'm planning to buy a drawing book, bookmarks, and/or another reading book. The New Year just arrived! My family watched TV (channel 7) and opened a bottle of champaign. I got to drink some and I'd say it tastes rather sour and bitter. I don't know why, but Mom looked kinda sad. I wish she wasn't. She probably isn't, because she just ate some really spicy Korea ramen. Mom, Sister and I went to San Diego (I don't know exactly why). We drove for about two or 1.5 hours and accidentally missed an exit or something. So we exited and turned back on the freeway and went up somewhere. We don't know how, but it got us to the bridge Mom wanted to cross so we crossed it. It led to an island, I forgot the name but it's very famous. We searched for a Carl's Jr. or something similar because it was two o'clock and we were really hungry. Everything was expensive there; we kinda snuck into a motel to go to the bathroom. We went back to our car after giving up the search. I wanted to take a picture with the beach but changed my mind. We got into the car and went the wrong way, turned back, crossed the bridge; about half an hour later, we exited and went to a Burger King because we couldn't locate a Carl's Jr. It was around 3:30 by then. I had a sourdough bacon cheeseburger, Sister had a 10-piece chicken nugget meal (they were tiny), and Mom had a Jr. Whopper. After finishing lunch, we walked around for a while and got back in the car. While she was driving, Mom made a turn and the two drinks from BK (Sprite and orange soda) fell and spilled! We had to pull over and Mom cleaned the mess but left the napkins in the parking lot. We listened to the Barry Manilow CD (the one we got Mom for late Christmas or something; I got a book, too, The Hobbit, and Sister got the Lord of the Rings) and I think I fell asleep.